Compost me (2020-)

Interactive installation in space 2020. – Soil/hummus, swab tubes

All over the world, we are dealing with huge environmental pollution, GMO seeds, plastic pollution that affects our natural resources such as water, soil, air. What we consume on a daily basis determines our character and well-being. In my work I make “SCOBY” (which is produced by fermenting black tea), and I use its sensitivity to visualize our current state of the environment. Using bacteria, clamps, and doing different interventions on them, I form and conduct a dialogue with nature. During the experimental process of making SCOBY, organic material dominates the work and creates its aesthetics.

The project called “Compost Me” is an interactive installation in space (open or closed). Visitors took clean and disinfected saliva swab tubes, took saliva samples, and then put the tubes into the installation (into the ground). The collected swabs of the visitors were used for further development of the work. The traveling interactive installation, the gotten swab samples of different people made up a collection that carried the message “We are one„. One part of human bacteria was transferred to a larger format, where the relationship precisely defined man and nature, with the intervention of organic materials “clamps”. A set of samples from the audience was turned into bacteria and was merged with the natural culture (staples) that I have cultivated (with bacteria). The final presentation of “We Are One” was a light box (from the series Biophilia). The goal was to get a collective creation, by obtaining and selecting as many saliva samples as possible from different locations (states, nationalities, etc.), which broke the line between us humans. Formerly entitled “Compost Me”, which afterwards evolved into “We Are One” through this project, I promote my artistic approach towards nature and I’m trying get the audience to reconsider their future actions for a better and more sustainable future.

Performance – Installation> International group exhibition in collaboration with “The Tropen collective” who were guests of the residency program Risk Change – Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia. (Photography: Ivan Syrov)


COMPOST ME , Mixed media, 35 x 25cm, 07- 01.04.2020.

The series of drawings were realised during the the state of emergency, when the epidemic of COVID-19 occurred World-wide. The making of the drawings from the series „Compost me” have started on April 1st, known as „Aprils fools day” as a Diary project, while the national Crisis headquarters were live broadcasted on national telvision. After a week of regular listening and working , the planned diary series have been stopped…


Exhibition After lockdown at the Gallery NOVEMBAR. (Photography: Marijana Janković)