Collaborative artists Adrienn Újházi and Nemanja Milenković present their installation “Sleeping and Living” at the group exhibition “Attitudes and Forms: Art as a Form of Thinking” held at the Milica Zorić and Rodoljub Čolaković Gallery-Legacy, part of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgrade, Serbia.

Curated by Miroslav Karić and Nebojša Milenković

The installation creates a unique dialogue by juxtaposing the artists’ chosen materials: bacterial cellulose SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast) and animal bodies subjected to taxidermy. The title, “Sleeping and Living,” hints at the contrasting physical states of the biological materials. While living microorganisms within the bacterial cellulose appear motionless to the human eye, taxidermized animal bodies mimic a lifelike state. This thematic exploration initiates a series of inquiries into the intricate relationship between humans and nature.

The work is based on exploitation of living organisms’ potential in contemporary industries, prompting contemplation on ethical considerations and ecological ramifications associated with such activities. “Sleeping and Living” serves as a thought-provoking piece that challenges viewers to reflect on the complexities of our interaction with the natural world, the ethical implications of industrial practices involving living organisms, and the broader ecological consequences stemming from these interactions. Through their collaboration, Adrienn Újházi and Nemanja Milenković invite audiences to engage in a profound exploration of the intersections between art, nature, and human intervention.

Photography : Bojana Janjić (MOCAB)