Artist statement

Újházi Adrienn (born 1995, in Novi Sad) is a young female visual artist from Serbia and the first person who works and represents an alternative artistic production: cultivating a plant based material named SCOBY.

Adrienn directs her work towards examining the relationship between man and nature, in a conceptual approach by transforming a plant based materials, which includes the fields of ecological art and bio art. The organic materials are used as a base for different internal and external interventions and manipulations. The presentation of an idea and concept is manifested in the form of various visual media such as: photography, drawing, object, video, installation…

Experimentation and knowledge are the tools to her artistic processes and contextualized discourses. By appropriating nature, she is promoting aesthetic and poetic expressions that boost a conscious relation between humankind and nature.

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About me


Adrienn graduated from bachelor (2018) and master (2020) academic studies at the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, in the Department of Fine Arts, study group – Painting. She worked (2020-2021) as a professor at the high school for design Bogdan Šuput in Novi Sad.

Sellected scholarships and awards

  • Várady ”Scholarship (2018/19) for outstanding success during undergraduate studies. MA Scholarship of the National Council of the Hungarian National Minority. Novi Sad, Serbia.
  • Scholarship Fund for Young Talents „Dositej Obradović” (2018) Belgrade, Serbia.
  • The Annual Award of the Department of Fine Arts for the most successful art in the disciplines of drawing and painting (2018) – Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, Serbia.
  • Winner of the award „For the highest results achieved at European and world competitions” in the academic year (2017-18) at the studies of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad, in the Painting department.
  • For the school year 2017/18 she received a reward from the National council of the Hungarian national minority of Serbia.
  • First prize winner of the Organization of the United Kingdom Alumni Association in Montenegro – MAUK, Award Contest „Goodbye Balkan? Goodbye, Balkan!”.

In 2019 she was invited to Montemero Art Residency by iksvy art (Zeren Oruc) as a workshop instructor for organic material making and alternative art production. Her participation in this project was supported by a grant from the European Cultural Foundation, which is based in Amsterdam.

She has been actively participating in exhibitions and art colonies locally and abroad. She had a few solo exhibitions in Serbia, with several collaborative exhibitions with colleagues of her generation. She has exhibited more than 60 times overall, she has also participated in international collective exhibitions: Macedonia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Netherlands. She participated in over 10 projects, and also  cooperates with an international art agent Anikó van Nie (2020), and galleries such as the NOVEMBAR Gallery and the NEW GALLERY OF VISUAL ARTS (NVGU) in Belgrade (2020).


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