The project BIOFABRIKA includes the expansion of ideas and the application of alternative production in the field of visual art by the young artist Adrienn Újházi. She is the first person in Serbia to base her work on the cultivation of biological and herbal material called SCOBY, an abbreviation for the symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast.

The project is implemented through four phases. After the preparatory phase, the project develops into workshops and open talks, when SCOBY is grown for over four months. During this period, interested audience could get acquainted through open talks with the new bio material and the synergy of bio-design and fine arts, which represents a sustainable way of creation in the future.

The next phase is realized at three locations. On the banks of Danube river, a curator from Turkey presents her eco-work as an action, an intervention in space. A full-day workshop / exhibition / panel discussion is held at the Svilara cultural station, where the cultivation and creation of SCOBY material is presented to the public through the workshop, then previously created prototypes of materials are shown through the exhibition, while the panel discussion addresses the application of bio art, as well as the placement of this type of material and creativity on the market in Europe and beyond. All project activities are documented using video and photo recording, so the last project activity involves showing a documentary of all project processes.

The interdisciplinary program of the BIOFABRIKA project includes the Secondary School for Design “Bogdan Šuput” in Novi Sad, as well as active local and foreign experts such as artists, curators, agents, designers, architects, ecologists and microbiologists. Environmental problems and the importance of pure Danube biodiversity are presented by guest lecturers and project participants, from the view of the field of their expertise, through educational content, which builds on the mentioned material SCOBY, promoting its environmental and sustainable benefits. The program of this project is intended for anyone who is interested in discovering the world of BIOFABRIKA materials and taking part in the project.

The project is supported by European Capital of Culture Novi Sad 2022

Project partners:

Secondary School for Design “Bogdan Šuput” – Škola za dizajn “Bogdan Šuput”

Gallery “Šok zadruga” – Galerija “Šok zadruga”



The workshops and open talks take a longer period of time, during which the project develops organically, presenting the bio-material itself (SCOBY) on which BIOFABRIKA specifically focuses. During this period, the working space is used for growing materials: fermentation, drying, dyeing, etc., with a spontaneous and open conversation. In this way, the space will be presented to people as an open improvised laboratory. This phase of the project is presented to a generation of different ages with a focus on young creators, which is why we formed a partnership with the Secondary School for Design “Bogdan Šuput.” Organic and bio materials that have important role in our future, will be presented by Adrienn Újházi the artistic director of the project and visual artist, and the guest bio-designer Maja Halilović, through a pop-up workshop in the classroom.

Through direct dialogue and presentation of the whole idea, we gain a clearer insight into the interest in preserving the environment at different ages, focusing on bio-design and fine arts that include a sustainable creative practice in the future. This period of activities will be documented in videos and photographs, and a survey of participants’ opinions will also be conducted for a better insight that will help developing future activities.


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