MEET 8 (2022)

Installation – digital print, ready-made, sound

Dimensions: variable

Meet 8 is an ambiental installation, which presnts a new hybrid life form created from yeasts and bacteras. This artist-cultivated biological entity, manifested in cellulose, provides unique insights into our environment and its intricate processes. The material co-exists in a new habitat, which inculdes other microbes and organism. Due to various external influences, Adrienn in this work questions the next step of evolution and the unity of other life forms and creation. The installation is a speculative narrative, which steps into the hypothetical 8th day or era of creation, introducing both biological and artificial hybrids. It serves as a platform to ponder the possibility of new microbial life evolving symbiotically with humans for future protection. Meet 8 invites viewer interaction, stimulating multiple senses—sight, hearing, smell, and touch. The installation not only captivates but also undergoes metamorphosis, enhancing the immersive experience.