Online Fermentation (2020)

01 – 10.08.2020.

The collaborative work is realized electronically (online) in conversation between the visual artist, participant of the colony, Adrienn Újházi and the curator of the colony, Sonja Jankov.

The ten-day long dialogue between the author and the curator took the form of a new collaboration based on an experimental approach to the artwork, which was conducted in two locations:

  1. workspace of the artist Adrienn – studio (Novi Sad)
  2. workspace of the curator Sonja – nature (Jalovik)

Through electronic networking, joint collaboration is realized in the form of fermentation and photographic documentation. The process took place in sterile conditions (indoors) and in nature (outdoors). The work involves the curator’s spontaneous fieldwork, with the ambition to find elements that are adequate from the natural environment and location of the colony. The work of curator Sonja is summed up in the interpretation of the new fermented work, which Adrienn creates in her studio at the same time. The characteristic of the work is accentuated by their dialogue, taking into account the contrast between the living SCOBY material (which Adrienn cultivates) and interpretation through “quick response” and outdoor improvisation, where Sonja responds to her work by finding local linden and walnuts.