The “BIOCODE” project stems from the successfully implemented BIOFACTORY project, which was supported by the European Capital of Culture – Novi Sad 2022. Based on the results of the project, it was concluded that it is necessary to further work on the education of young people in order to familiarize them more closely with the aspects and possibilities of applying materials of biological origin in art and in science. This is how the idea for the BIOCODE project was born, which would be based on art-scientific and research-educational workshops in cooperation with the Faculty of Science (PMF) within the Department of Biology and Ecology and Mycological laboratory “ProFungi”, the Science Club at the Cultural Center of “Svilara” and the MMC Led Art – gallery “Šok ZaDruga” in Novi Sad.

The project was supported by the City Administration for Culture – Novi Sad 2023.

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