Soundscape ecology – Bećarac, Novi Sad, Serbia


The Danube River is over 2,700 km long, and its wider catchment area covers more than 800,000 km2 – that’s 10% of continental Europe! The Danube River Basin is home to a population of over 80 million people, in territory stretching through 10 countries. That makes it the most international river basin in the world. The Danube and its tributaries play host to a unique mix of species, with about 2,000 vascular plants and more than 5,000 animal species, including over 40 mammals, about 180 breeding birds, about 100 fish species, a dozen reptiles as well as amphibians. (

Seeing is believing is an ecological soundscape project which is based on the Danube rivers habitat. The water is rich with different lifeforms, which has been unfortunately mutated, caused with various irresponsible ecological behaviors. The dominant species from the recordings are modified by sound frequencies and involving urbanistic surroundings. With the modified sound manipulation, the new form of hybrid life gets “alive”. Including the usage of saliva swab tube and getting a bacteria sample from the Danube, the unseen micro life is manifesting on the fragile and modified microbial cellulose in the petri dish.

Founded by the International Relief Found for organizations in Culture and Education 2021 of German Federal Foreign office, the Goethe – Institute and other partners

Šok zadruga / Grafička zadruga