That is Life… (2018)

Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 100 cm

An interactive spacial installation titled “That is Life …” (2018.) is based on human unconscious consumption in the age of mass production. The work is ironically presented in the medium of an object that the audience can approach and breathe in through a surgical breathing mask. On a sterile surface of a white object there are two inverted transparent bowls, which are attached to a tube and a mask. They metaphorically represent that there is no food, only its smell is present. Since our senses are active all the time, the observer does not have much of a choice but to become part of the work / installation with his/her presence using their sense of smell. The tubes contain a liquid with a certain scent of a selected fruit. I want to show that the choices we make are not that diverse, and it is disturbed by our pickiness. It is greatly influenced by mass consumerism, which is also presented to us through TV screens and media. The idea of the piece came from the need to appeal to ecological crises and disasters, in this example specifically to the pollution of a country represented through a simulation of consumerism in the future. Nutrition, which is characterized by a great diversity, will be reduced to pills and liquids that not only the sense of taste but also the sense of smell will be able to notice.