That is Life… (2018)

Dimensions: 50 x 50 x 100 cm

The interactive spatial installation entitled “That is Life…” (2018) delves into the unconscious patterns of human consumption within the era of mass production. The artwork intriguingly manifests itself as an object that invites the audience to approach it while wearing a surgical breathing mask, thus emphasizing the ironic nature of its presentation. The sterile surface of the white object features two inverted transparent bowls connected to a tube and a mask, metaphorically suggesting the absence of actual food and emphasizing the presence of its aroma instead. Given the constant activation of our senses, the observer becomes an integral part of the work/installation through their physical presence and olfactory perception. The tubes contain liquid infused with the distinct scent of a selected fruit, aiming to illustrate the limited diversity of choices influenced by our fastidiousness and greatly impacted by mass consumerism, which is further conveyed through television screens and media. The underlying concept of this piece emerges from a desire to address ecological crises and impending disasters, specifically highlighting the future simulation of consumerism as a representation of a polluted society. Nutrition, once characterized by its vast array of options, is reduced to pills and liquids that not only dampen our sense of taste but also impair our sense of smell.